Support Services


When you purchase VISIT Plus, you are not buying an off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all product. Our consultancy team finds out how to best to integrate it into your existing IT systems. And once the system is commissioned, together we devise a set of scheduling strategies that work best - for you - not a generic customer in your industry.


That way, you get what you want from the system. In other words, you decide what is important to your business.


Once installed, we provide training in its use, both in operational, everyday use, and also optionally for 'expert users' who want to be able to define or modify the scheduling strategies themselves.


Of course, not all organizations are interested in modifying strategies themselves, and we are happy to assist in this process, should your business requirements change or need refining.


Our training courses are highly tailored to your particular needs - we use your own newly commissioned system as the basis for the training. That way, you are familiar with the resources. For example:


  • Drivers - you know the drivers' delivery areas
  • Vehicles - you are familiar with the compartment configurations
  • Customers - you are aware of a customer access restriction or delivery window


This way, when you start using the system properly, there are no nasty surprises.


And you need not worry about maintenance and support issues. Be assured that we are on hand to answer questions regarding the system's use. We offer regular upgrades as standard, including new product features and bug fixes. And we recommend the use of remote-control software to enable us to get to the bottom of any problems, should they occur, enabling you to get back to work as soon as possible.


We are also prepared to undertake bespoke developments to the software...maybe you want a report formatting slightly differently, or you want to communicate between VISIT Plus and an in-cab order delivery system. Be they large or small, we are happy to discuss these requirements with you, and advise as necessary.