Product Portfolio


VSL's suite of vehicle and delivery scheduling options allow distribution organisations to resolve common problems:


  • Finding efficient multi-drop routes
  • Satisfying customer demands
  • Making cost-effective use of vehicles and drivers
  • Coordinating the resources of diferent depots
  • The sheer complexity of manual scheduling
  • The inflexibility of standard computer packages


Moreover, VSL's pipeline scheduling product, Sciclops Plus, ensures that the right amount of the right product is moved to the right destination. Sciclops Plus helps you do all this - and more.

VSL's flagship product, VISIT Plus, is a sophisticated, feature-rich vehicle and delivery planning tool that is tailorable and easy to use, specifically written to cater for the bulk and packaged petrochemicals and gases industries.


OGS (Order Generation System) is an optional add-on to VISIT Plus that allows for automatic generation of replenishment orders, using comprehensive modelling and simulation techniques, for subsequent use within VISIT Plus.

VISWorld is VSL's integration of VISIT Plus and real world events. This optional add-on module allows for real-time interrogation of current events.


Sciclops Plus

Sciclops Plus is a practical operating environment that offers accurate solutions to pipeline scheduling problems. It is particularly suitable for complex networks with complicated scheduling requirements and for pipelines that service multiple shippers.