VSL is a leading developer and supplier of visually interactive vehicle and delivery scheduling systems, specializing in the bulk and packaged liquids and gases industries.


Our products are used by some high profile multi-national organisations, in mission critical operational environments, that demand a flexible, reliable solution to the vehicle and delivery scheduling problem.


Our systems communicate with many of the largest order-taking and back-office systems that are used within the industy, as well as bespoke applications, and on-truck computing solutions.


What we offer is a solution to the vehicle and delivery nightmare - a solution that is:


  • configurable and flexible
  • single or multi-drop
  • single or multi-depot
  • single or multi-day
  • handles deliveries and collections - on the same trip


...resulting in a system that brings control and transparency to the vehicle and delivery scheduling process.


In addition to our secondary distribution solution, we also offer a highly specialized pipeline scheduling system, Sciclops Plus. This market-leading multi-product pipeline scheduler and simulator takes into consideration all the conflicting factors affecting the production of a viable schedule - the need to maximise throughput, minimise pumping costs and losses through interfaces - to ensure that the supply of each product matches the demand at each refinery and terminal.


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