VISIT Plus - Operational usage


No two distribution organisations' operating practices are the same, and the powerful scheduling algorithms used by VISIT Plus are applied to the user's particular requirements, order priorities and delivery constraints though the use of scheduling 'strategies'. Strategies are user-defined and, therefore, adjustable to individual requirements. Users may select from their own strategy library appropriate strategies based on daily or seasonal factors, when initiating the scheduling process. Strategy files can be used individually or, for more complex tasks, in combination.


VISIT Plus is designed to make professional route planners faster, more flexible, and more efficient. To ensure that full use is made of their experience, VISIT Plus's automatic scheduling functions are supplemented by a vast number of manual and intervention features:


  • A dynamic, interactive planning board represents each vehicle journey by a time-line. Within the time-lines there are sub-components representing the vehicle's drive time, loading and deliveries. This view is interactive and dynamic, changing as the route planner tries different solutions, and allowing popups and 'drilling down' into the solution to interrogate it. Drag and drop features allow the user to manipulate the solution.


  • Manual scheduling functions, used on the planning board to make any changes to routes including adding deliveries, re-sequencing, moving trips, changing depots, cancelling trips or routes.


  • Key Performance Indicators showing statistics on the current solution, enabling the route planner to evaluate the quality of the schedule at a glance.


  • A dynamic, graphical schedule view which displays the scheduled vehicle route(s), together with scheduled and non-scheduled drops and depots.


We offer a range of training courses in the use of VISIT Plus, both to enable day-to-day use of the system, and in developing and maintaining your own scheduling strategy library. Of course, if you would like our experienced consultants to develop strategies for and with you, that is no problem.