OGS is VSL's Order Generation System for the automatic generation of replenishment orders for use by VISIT Plus. It has been designed to address today's increasingly sophisticated supply chain demands and, in conjunction with VISIT Plus, provides a complete solution for supplying organisations that wish to take more control of the demands on their resources.


OGS is an optional add-on to VISIT Plus that is able to forecast the stock levels of products in storage locations, normally tanks, based on daily tank readings or product sales.


Using advanced predictive techniques and stock level simulation, replenishment orders are generated to avoid storage locations or groups of product locations from breaching user defined minimum stock levels. These replenishment orders are created taking into consideration the type of customer (large, single-drop or smaller multi-drop) and the variety of vehicle configurations available to the supplying organisation.


The OGS user is provided with a wide range of tools and reporting facilities to give a significant level of confidence and control for this business critical application.


OGS generated orders are uniquely configured to maximise the benefits achieved from the combination of VISIT Plus and OGS. By generating two levels of order, those that must be scheduled otherwise stock-outs will occur and those that may be scheduled should delivery capacity be available, the combined effect of VISIT Plus and OGS is to provide an additional dimension of resource optimisation. Demand peaks may be smoothed to reduce the overall size of the delivery fleet or the requirement for contract or spot-hire vehicles.


On-line context-sensitive help is provided to assist the user in understanding fields, functions, screens and the general processes involved.