Sciclops Plus


Sciclops Plus is a Windows-based system that produces feasible batch sequences based on a pipeline's current or planned activities. Easy to follow colour displays allow the user to to clearly see both the current schedule and simulation status; pipeline contents, pump settings, flow rates and operating modes are all displayed.


All the major challenges facing the pipeline scheduler are addressed by Sciclops Plus:


  • Flexibility to make changes at short notice, to allow for the unexpected.
  • Elimination of critcal product interfaces, to minimise contamination and slop production.
  • Interfaces are kept moving, with line packed under pressure to prevent interface spreading.
  • Minimising pumping costs.
  • Accurate time of arrival estimates for all parcels at all points along the system to ensure that the line operates efficiently.
  • Automatic updating of all parties on product loading schedules, pumping timetables and interface arrival times.
  • Can be run standalone, or networked to exchange information with pipeline control and shipper computer systems.
  • Easily configurable for new pipelines.


Sciclops Plus's easy to use menu structure means that experienced staff can produce feasible, consistent schedules with minimal training. Experienced schedulers can use the "what-if" facilities to produce an efficient robust schedule. Shift control operators can make accurate running repairs to the schedule themselves to cope with unexpected incidents without calling out the scheduler.


Sciclops Plus increases the productivity of skilled staff and enables the pipeline to be manned more flexibly, while at the same time allowing pipeline operators offer improved flexibility to their shippers.