VISIT Plus - Overview


VISIT Plus is a graphical, interactive vehicle and routing and scheduling system. It provides the means to plan deliveries quickly, accurately and easily, producing delivery schedules which improve the utilisation of your vehicle fleet whilst meeting customer needs.


All VISIT Plus's functions are displayed through easy to understand and use colour graphics and tables. Its highly visual appoach accelerates productive use and ensures clarity and accuracy. Route planners can intervene at any stage - for example to take control over individual customer service decisions. Furthermore, before making the final scheduling decision, they are free to run unlimited 'what-if' scenarios, and choose the most suitable.


VISIT Plus offers major benefits to organisations whose vehicle planning involves balancing any or all of the following in single or multiple site and depot operations:


  • Mixed single and multi-drop planning
  • Mixed fleets
  • Vehicle/driver utilisation
  • Multi-depot planning
  • Zoning of drivers and deliveries
  • Compartment loading
  • Meeting customer delivery times


VISIT Plus is equally applicable to multi-drop and single drop scheduling and to packaged and bulk products. Find out more about VISIT Plus by choosing an option below:


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